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Контрактно-исследовательская организация «IN VIVO»


Director, General Manager

Magataev Alexander has an over 25 years' experience of a top manager and of general company management. Graduated from the faculty of physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, in 1987. Alexander sees the chief direction of his activity in fulfilling the company’s mission as well as increasing the income and development of «IN VIVO» as an organization. Alexander Magataev directs and coordinates all the company’s activity providing the high quality of services and optimum economical administration.

Clinical Research Administrator

Gofman Alexander, MD, PhD, associate professor, cardiologist, clinical pharmacologist, endocrinologist, therapeutist (medical practice record of over 40 years).

Graduated from the 1st medical faculty of Sechenov Moscow 1 st Medical Academy. 1979 graduated from clinical registrarship as a specialist in internal diseases, 1988 completed his postgraduate studies in cardiology. Worked over 10 years in the cardiologic intensive care unit of the city clinical hospital №6, then at the departments of therapy and clinical pharmacology and therapy in Sechenov Moscow 1st Medical Academy combining it with the jobs of a cardiologist in the international medical centre «Mositalmed» and of a senior researcher in the scientific department of Central Clinical Hospital of Russian Academy of sciences.

Alexander is an assistant professor of the course of pharmacotherapy in practice of an ambulatory-care physician at the faculty of postgraduate professional medical education, Sechenov Moscow 1st Medical Academy. As a senior researcher of the scientific department of central clinical hospital of Russian Academy of sciences, he is actively involved in scientific work. He is the author of 85 published works which include several monographs on treatment and prophylaxis of tromboses. Alexander has a considerable experience in carrying out international clinical investigations: since 1996 he has been taking part (sometimes as the chief researcher) in a number of randomized international investigations of II, III, and IV phases in the field of ischemic heart disease, cardiac distress, diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type.

As a member of the «IN VIVO» company A.Gofman is responsible for the long range planning of clinical operations and the management of all the projects agreed with sponsors and research centres. Alexander supervises all the projects carried out by the company and manages the group involved in the clinical operations.

Head of department on carrying out and organization CR

Martsevich Sergey, Dr.Sc.(Medicina), professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy of natural sciences. Scientific specialization: treatment of cardiovascular diseases, clinical pharmacology of cardiovascular pharmaceuticals, evaluation of cardiovascular risks, the use of probative medicine in real clinical practice. The results of his research work are represented in more than 300 articles in reviewed magazines and 3 books. From 1996 S.Martsevich has taken part in a number of international randomized controlled clinical tests of I, II and III phases (as the chief researcher in many of them) which involved people suffering from ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, cardiac distress and hyperlipidemy.

As a member of the «IN VIVO» company Sergey is the head of the department of organizing and carrying out the CR. He is responsible for the strategic issues of company’s participation in post-marketing researches. Having a unique experience of clinical investigations, S.Martsevich takes part in preparing and carrying out the trainings and seminars for doctors-researchers.

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