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Контрактно-исследовательская организация «IN VIVO»

Company profile

The contract-researching organization (CRO) «IN VIVO» was founded in 2004 as an independent branch of the medical company «AV Medservice Ltd» by a group of research workers from the department of clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy of the faculty of postgraduate professional medical education of the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. They were supervised by prof. L. I. Olbinskaya, member of the Russian Academy of medical sciences, and had sufficient experience of carrying out international clinical investigations based on GCP-ICH.

Presently our organization is oriented both at implementing the complete package of services dealing with clinical investigations of the II- IV medicines and at fulfilling its separate constituents:
  • - developing the documentation of the clinical investigation (protocol, researcher’s brochure, informed consent, information for the patient, etc.)
  • - research centre selection
  • - monitoring of the CR
  • - statistical processing of the results and writing the report.

You can see the whole list of the services  we offer  there.
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